"Everything in the Net
- IPv6 and Internet of the Future Prospects"

51st FITCE Congress
6 - 7 of September, 2012
Poznań, Poland

Once again Polish Telecommunication Engineers Association (SIT Polska) is delighted to invite you to our country for 51st FITCE Congress in Poznań, the capital of Wielkopolska Region, historical birth place of Polish state. We've been honoured already to host 46th FITCE Congress in 2007 in Warsaw, the watchword of that Congress was "The Broadband Way to the Future". This was the sign of our expectations of intense investments in new broadband technologies and of connecting new users and giving them new telecommunication services. Nowadays we see new prospects: everything will be connected to the net, not only terminals for the people and computers offering them services, but also any other equipment: TV and video sets, home devices, mobile terminals, measuring equipment, monitoring sensors, power equipment and many other components of new wide area systems. This new prospects of future telecommunication are the main subject of this year 51st FITCE Congress in Poznań. How IPv6 and new technologies of the Internet will meet new requirements of the quality of services, transportation of big volumes of data, diverse traffic and connecting new devices? All telecommunication professionals, engineers and researchers, friends and members of FITCE will find in the city of Poznań an interesting forum for friendly meetings and bright discussions.

The 51st FITCE Congress starts the second half of the first century of its activity. For the members of FITCE this is good reason to meet together and to sum up the results of previous congresses and make plans for future activities of our telecommunication society. New participants are warmly invited to take part in those discussions, especially we invite students and young adepts in telecommunication engineering and research. We value very much this nice opportunity to host you in 51st Congress of the Federation of Telecommunication Engineers Associations of the European Community.

See you in Poznań soon!
Wojciech Hałka
President of SIT Polska
Zbigniew Krawczyk
Chair of the Congress
Vice President of FITCE

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