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FITCE Congress
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3rd to 5th of September 2015 took place in Wroclaw 54th Congress of FITCE

Programme of the Congress, consisted of the technical presentations during plenary session with 4 keynotes speeches and 2 technical sessions focused on specific business and innovation subjects. We believe that participants have found out also interesting the tutorial speech by our British expert and colleague and public discussion of our panelists during first day of the Congress. We also tried to spice participants stay in Poland presenting the charms of Lower Silesia. We do hope you will keep the 54th FITCE Congress in Wroclaw in good memories.

New President of FITCE Mr. Andy Valdar so rated the Congress:

''Yes, indeed I have very happy memories of our visit to the most attractive city of Wroclaw. The Congress proved to be a good mixture of technical sessions and an interesting and enjoyable tour of the area. I think that the guest speakers were particularly successful - proving that the Congresses need to be a blend of invited speakers and submitted papers. There was also a friendly and informative atmosphere, which was stimulated by the unexpected tour around the Labs at the university. The social programme was also much enjoyed and appreciated.

We are grateful to you and all the organising committee for all the hard work done to prepare the enjoyable and informative congress in Wroclaw. Thank you also for the warmth of the hospitality given to us.''

Former president Wojciech Hałka with new president Andy Valdar


How to use formal modelling techniques for networks and protocols evaluation?
Tutorial presentation by Edward A. Smith, BT
Expanding the human possibilities through 5G mobile communications
Keynote speech by Patrick Marsch, Nokia R&D
Power Grid and ICT Applications
Keynote speech by Jarosław Tworóg, KIGEiT
(National Chamber of Electronics and Telecommunications)
Smart Metering in Austria
Keynote speech by Bernd Liebscher, M2M Gmbh
Telekom Austria Group
Key Technology Strategies for Smart Grid Reliability and Dynamic Communications
Keynote speech by Miguel Hernandez
Evaluation of Belgian Energy Market Models with Demand Response
Gregory Casier and others, Ghent University
Advances in Integrated Satellite and Terrestrial Infrastructures: the Case of VITAL Project
George Agapiou, OTR Research
New Technologies-New Capabilities
Mauro Ugolini, Roma Tre Univ., Edward Smith, BT
Organometal Halide Perovskites for Energy-Efficient Telecom. Devices
Kajetan Fijałkowski and Olga Malinkiewicz, Saule Technologies
Mariusz Żal, Poznań Univ. of Technology
The Utilization of Modern Wireless Access Systems and Techniques for Communication Enhancement and Safety Improvement in the Mining Industry
Kamil Staniec, Wroclaw University of Technology
Semi-Empirical Optimization of CMOS Low-noise Amplifier for Biomedical Data Acquisition
Magnanil Goswami, Sudakshina Kundu, West Bengal Univ. of Techn., In


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